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#921: bp_group_has_members() - "order" parameter request
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Comment (by imath):

 Replying to [comment:15 boonebgorges]:
 > - The special case for the Group Members page in
 `bp_legacy_theme_ajax_querystring()` is really ugly. Isn't there another
 way we can handle this? Why is 'object' not set properly

 Thanks a lot boonebgorges for the commits and the "updated to the trunk"

 a) I've played with it and noticed that the filters were not working, so
 i've edited the arguments of {{{groups_get_group_members()}}} &
 {{{BP_Groups_Group_Members_Template::__construct()}}} to include a "type"
 b) As i was checking theme backcompat i've found a specific case
 (group/single/home template updated but not groups/single/members) where
 the pagination were messed up with admin-ajax. So i suggest to use an
 absolute url for the pagination links, just in case ;)

 Now the "ugly" check in {{{bp_legacy_theme_ajax_querystring()}}} :)

 "once upon a time" of its birth :
 In buddypress.js, the object is first defined by a parsing on the value of
 the id attribute of {{{.item-list-tabs ul li.selected}}}. in group members
 case, this value is "members" as the id is {{{#members-groups-li}}}. I was
 a bit afraid to modify this logic for this specific case, and chose to
 mimic the way friends case was handled by forcing the object to be set as
 "members" in case it is defined to "group_members" in bp_filter_request().
 That's the reason, i use the ugly check.

 921.04.diff], i've included a) & b) and suggest to move the check at the
 top of {{{bp_group_has_members()}}} function.

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