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#5401: Multilingual: send notifications in language of recipient, not sender
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 It just occurred to me that on my bilingual social network (Spanish and
 English), all notifications from WP and BP are sent in the language of the
 sender, not the recipient.

 Which is like, if you got a friend request on Facebook from a Polish
 person, the email notification would be in Polish.

 I'm going to fix this on my site and was thinking it should be something
 that should be a core feature or at least fixable with a plug-in, but,
 then I realised a universal fix is currently not possible.

 On my site there is an xprofile field for language preference, so I can
 customise the notifications to check the language preference of the
 recipient rather than the text simply being switched out with gettext
 calls based on the current user's language.

 But neither BuddyPress nor WordPress store a user language preference, so
 a universal solution isn't possible.

 Logically it's not so much a WP thing as a BP thing, so I propose that to
 get the ball rolling team BuddyPress as a first step nominates an xprofile
 field to hold the language preference. Use can then standardise around
 that, for the notifications, and for who knows what else down the line...

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