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#5390: Remove some old BuddyBar stuff
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 To your point specifically about leaving the BuddyBar itself in the code.
 I disagree, and my idea to delete the BuddyBar is what inspired me to
 create this ticket. Leaving significant amounts of code in the project
 that is not run for both new installs, and surely the vast majority of
 existing sites -- considering the forced, opt-out upgrade back in 1.6 --
 leaves a significant amount of technical debt in the code that otherwise
 we'd have to maintain in perpetuity. Why do we want to continue supporting
 a worse, un-supported, lower quality toolbar when we have a forwards-
 compatible alternative that's been running in BP for just over a year and
 a half, powered by WP Core APIs?

 The only ways to re-enable the old BuddyBar is to set a site option with a
 key of "_bp_force_buddybar", define the BP_USE_WP_ADMIN_BAR constant as
 false, or filter `bp_use_wp_admin_bar`. It's not controllable via an
 option in the UI, and we don't even bother to tell people to not use the
 BuddyBar, because no-one ever sees it or knows about it.

 A Google search of plugins.svn.wordpress.org and themes.svn.wordpress.org
 has no matches for any of these, so no-one is publicly downgrading to the
 BuddyBar from a theme or a plugin.

 Compared to the discussion in #5351 about removing old bbPress, I think
 this is an easy no-brainer.

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