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#5374: Administation screen to manage signups
 Reporter:  imath                                |       Owner:
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Changes (by imath):

 * keywords:  2nd-opinion => 2nd-opinion has-patch needs-testing


 Replying to [comment:2 boonebgorges]:
 > Really looking forward to seeing a patch.

 Here it is :)

 Thanks a lot for your last comment Boone. I've followed your advice and
 i've added the ability to resend activation emails as it was a feature my
 work in progress didn't include. It also completely changed the way i've
 build this first patch.

 You can see a
 screen capture] of the result of the 5374.diff patch.

 First, this patch is changing the registration process for non multisite
 configs. At the beginning i wanted not to change too much things in this
 area, but i've change my mind progressively.

 The main change is that i think we should really use the
 {{{$wpdb->signups}}} table even for non multisite configs, because :
 a. Sign-ups are not 'yet' users, and today they are in the users list and
 in the amount of users that WordPress {{{count_users()}}} function returns
 b. In case a non multisite config becomes a multisite one, the sign-ups
 will already be in the right place
 c.  Having one way of getting datas is really helpful for the different
 actions that the administration will add, especially to inform the
 community administrator on how many times he resent an activation link and
 on what was the last time he sent it.

 So, first part of the patch takes care of creating the table and
 "migrating" eventual "old" sign-ups in it for non multisite config (only
 if sign-ups are allowed). Then it introduces a new class to dialog with
 this table and take care of the 3 actions (and corresponding bulk actions)
 that are available in the sign-ups administration screen :
 - Resend an activation link (once per day max)
 - Delete a sign-up
 - Activate a sign-up
 The Sign-ups Administration screen will be available as illustrated on the
 screen capture from one of the links of the WP_Users_List_Table views. it
 includes a search, reordering sign-ups by id (date of registration) or
 username and each action must be confirmed in a specific screen.
 Finally, the patch as i've said earlier changes the sign up process to use
 the $wpdb->signups table instead of usermeta/user_status for non multisite

 I've tested it in multisite, BuddyPress network activated and not, and in
 non multisite config. It seems to work fine.
 I think it can be improved by maybe creating a set of functions to call
 the sign-up class, and for multisite configs we could add a "moderation
 tool" in order to include an option to add email domains to the WordPress
 blacklist before deleting a signup.

 What do you think?

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