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#5376: PHPUnit Test Environment Variable
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 Switch from `WP_TESTS_DIR` to `WP_DEVELOP_DIR`

 There appears to be two methods to reference WordPress' Core PHPUnit Tests
 setting an environment variable.

 1. `WP_TESTS_DIR` - Used by BuddyPress and WP-CLI (https://github.com/wp-
 2. `WP_DEVELOP_DIR` Used by [https://github.com/tierra/wordpress-plugin-
 tests @tierra/@bpetty] and [https://github.com/WP-API/WP-
 API/pull/65#issuecomment-31384178 most probably WP-API] and Jetpack

 Presumably we'd all like to hook into each others PHPUnit Tests in the
 future and play nice together as per Boone's bootstrapping BP's tests in

 I couldn't find any 'official docs' on which one we should use, either
 `WP_TESTS_DIR` or `WP_DEVELOP_DIR` but I think we should choose one that
 'we all use' and I think the later appears to be the emerging theory, set
 the WP dev root and use it as the base for all the things.

 ''(We have started to add PHPUnit Tests to bbPress #bbPress2542)''

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