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#1332: Caching issues with profile data when using a persistent cache
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > namespacing benefits aside, all groups really do is make it easier to
 distribute cached data across multiple servers

 Excellent, this is really helpful to know.

 Your point about reaching maximum cache bucket size is helpful to keep in
 mind. It's probably not true that BP itself will keep that much in a
 single bucket/group. But it's my understanding that some cache backends
 (like APC) can initiate a complete cache flush if the total cache size
 limit is reached, at least on certain configurations. See eg
 cache-is-full and http://tollmanz.com/invalidation-schemes/, especially
 the section "A Cache Only Pattern". Because BP should try to be agnostic
 wrt caching backends, I think it's good policy for us to manually delete
 cache items where possible, rather than assuming that it'll happen
 gracefully on its own.

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