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#5128: Move user and group last_activity out of wp_usermeta
 Reporter:  boonebgorges             |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement              |      Status:  new
 Priority:  high                     |   Milestone:  2.0
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Comment (by imath):

 Hi Boone,

 Just tested with activity component activated and not : works great !!

 Replying to [comment:7 boonebgorges]:
 > a. ... On the other hand, they may still be in use in plugins etc, and
 the proposed changes will probably break them.

 I'd say : if the usermeta 'last_activity' is not updated (mirror of point
 2) anymore, then i think the different methods may need to be altered to
 use the new way.
 > b. ...It may be wise not only to keep the old usermeta data there, but
 to mirror the new 'last_activity' data in usermeta going forward...

 I think we first need a way to be sure to get the 'last activity'
 information for all members. Because afer applying the patch, the user
 having the usermeta but not the new activity type won't be listed in the
 members directory (last_active filter). They will become "never active"
 and only available in the Alphabetical filter of the members directory. It
 will need to wait they log in again.
 - I know it would be a little problem for #5367.
 - And after upgrading, the administrator might be surprised to see that
 all his active members became never active (and are only available in the
 members directory if the Alphabetical filter is on)

 I'm afraid, it may be needed to batch create the new activity type from
 the usermeta (for instance by having a tool to "repare" the information).

 If the information for all members is in the activity table, and plugins
 are using the functions : bp_get_user_last_activity() and
 bp_update_user_last_activity(), then it's not needed to mirror the
 information in usermeta. The problem will only happen if the plugin is
 using a custom query or (bp_)get_user_meta function.

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