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#6022: Buddypress rem font sizing  & twentyfifteen theme issues
 Reporter:  hnla                    |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                  |   Milestone:  2.2
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Comment (by hnla):

 Checked again in an updated copy of 2015 and the issue persists.

 Think we have no viable option than to change ALL font size units
 expressed as '%', 'em', 'rem' primarily where we are attempting to produce
 a smaller scaled font size, which is where the trouble really occurs in
 illegible text. I have noticed some oddities with 2015 where it sets
 rather large font size for text input giving rise to variances where we
 set size on dir search but don't on filter select.

 It will mean a rather careful scan through our styles halting at each
 ruleset evaluating the font size and element it's targeting for a change
 to keyword, then checking that through the range of twenty* themes.

 As above my initial checks seemed to uphold the assertion that the keyword
 use does pretty much approximate to our original intent in visual size
 using '%' or 'rems' with any actual variance being really quite negligible
 and doubt would be noticed.

 I see no reason we can't get this dealt with before BP RC1, it's not great
 fun but we haven't got too many font size properties declared, main chore
 is checking in each twenty* theme.

 I have an suggestion as to another approach to making this change that
 would avoid affecting all themes known and unknown which would be to
 provide complimentary stylesheets that would be loaded for twenty* themes
 keeping BP working smoothly with each of those WP themes, adjusting rules
 only where absolutely necessary (twentyfourteen has issues in it's narrow
 template which could be adjusted for BP screens with a simple targeted
 rule, that would be great to be able to apply)

 My initial thought was a simple switch checking for loaded theme name and
 adding a sheet 'bp-2014.css'

 No this doesn't address many themes but we can't do that but we could
 perhaps present BP as being and checked style wise for all the wp default

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