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#6068: Use standard event names instead of "bp_before_registration_submit_buttons"
to make registration work with plugins
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Comment (by elrata_):

 Replying to [comment:3 boonebgorges]:
 > > I mean, because having to live for ever like this is kind of a PITA.
 Tons of plugins will simply not work because of this. And if there is no
 good reason to keep it, it's probably easier to fix the created plugins
 for BP than to teach all plguins, created now and in the future a user
 might want to use, to work with BP.
 > We have a strong committment to backward compatibility. Breaking
 thousands of existing sites for the sake of a slightly improved developer
 experience is not how we operate.

 This is wrong. It's not for "improved developer experience" but it is for
 improved **user** experience. People who install plguins with BP and don't
 work are users IMHO.

 > That being said, if there were a way to fix this without breaking things
 (which there might be), it's something I'd be glad to look at.

 I'm not into WP plugins, but something probably can be done. Even a BP
 version checking (like if bp_version >= X, then don't add the BP specific
 hooks). Or, of course, something nicer that WP allows. I really don't know
 about WP plugins. I leave that to you :)

 > > It does an "add_action()" with 'bp_signup_validate' as "event".
 > I see where you're hooking to BP actions, but it's not obvious at a
 glance which piece of functionality you're reproducing in the wp-recaptcha
 plugin. The only other hook that gets the `check_recaptcha_generic`
 callback is `lostpassword_post`, which clearly is not a registration-
 specific hook. How does the plugin validate WP registrations via wp-

 Yeah, the other using it is that one because I added a hook for the
 lost_password form too. Now the recaptcha is shown on th BP registration
 page AND in the lost password form when using that patch.

 And the `check_recaptcha_generic` is kind of hack based on `check_comment`
 function that I did (that's why it is introduced in the same patch.
 `check_recaptcha_generic` is not a pre-existing function). And as that
 function does the `wp_die()` thing, it is aborted when the function is
 called (i.e on POST) and the check fails.

 But that function is not really relevant, there might be a better way to
 do it for sure. That was just a quick hack I did to prove that the
 callbacks are the problem.

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