[buddypress-trac] [BuddyPress Trac] #6068: Use standard event names instead of "bp_before_registration_submit_buttons" to make registration work with plugins

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#6068: Use standard event names instead of "bp_before_registration_submit_buttons"
to make registration work with plugins
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Comment (by elrata_):

 Replying to [comment:1 boonebgorges]:
 > In theory, I'd love to be able to fire WP's hooks during our
 registration process, but > practically this might be difficult because of
 the number of plugins that have already added specific support for BP's
 hooks. In those cases, double validation and double markup would appear.

 Ohh, okay, so is this an "historic mistake" I guess. Maybe it can be fixed
 in a when releasing a new major version of BP ?

 I mean, because having to live for ever like this is kind of a PITA. Tons
 of plugins will simply not work because of this. And if there is no good
 reason to keep it, it's probably easier to fix the created plugins for BP
 than to teach all plguins, created now and in the future a user might want
 to use, to work with BP.

 > Can you be specific about the hooks that need to be fired for full
 parity? Looking at your changeset, it looks like 'register_form' is the
 front-end one. I don't see at a glance where the recaptcha plugin is
 validating on the back-end. Can you clarify?

 In the very next line. Here:


 It does an "add_action()" with 'bp_signup_validate' as "event".

 Thanks for the quick reply!

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