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#6065: Add support for WordPress Page templates
 Reporter:  DJPaul                  |       Owner:
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Comment (by hnla):

 This is testing pretty well for me too.

 For additional clarity as to the purpose of this change there is a use
 case where non tecnical users will visit these BP 'pages'  and being
 familiar with how WP handles pages do make the understandable assumption
 that they can make use of listed templates in the dropdown, now we explain
 that this doesn't work and to overload / copy files to a new folder etc
 etc, however this can be a step too far or further than those users want
 to take or understand. This change thus will serve two purposes it will
 make it super easy for users to simply modify the BP screens and bring BP
 further into line with WP functionality, BP is no longer by-passing
 something expected and provided by WP but now works with template

 Yes we do have a minor issue that overloading to
 /buddypress/buddypress.php and having a template selection other than
 default selected can cause theme clashes but as Paul suggested and we
 discussed this is perhaps less of an issue than it seems as if this issue
 arises it arises as someone has taken a deliberate action to overload
 templates thus we assume they have a degree of knowledge above a base user
 level and will figure out and be able to deal with the problem without
 undue inconvenience.

 Suggestion: Rather than have broken templates could we perhaps check
 whether a template selection other than 'default' has been made and bail
 out of our $primary_templates - I'm assuming  - as I've never really
 thought about it - that the selection 'Default Template' is in fact a WP
 built in template type so reliable to test against as the selection in

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