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#5176: Add get_content() to bp message threads
 Reporter:  trishasalas                                |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement                                |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                                     |   Milestone:  1.9
Component:  Template Pack                              |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                                     |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  reporter-feedback has-patch needs-testing  |

Comment (by hnla):

 I'm getting a little confused here.

 I asked that we hang fast as I was unclear on what exactly the issue was
 here without a working skeleton to see, thus I had to run up my own
 testcase to try and puzzle what was required to effect the wireframe view.

 As far as I could see the main issue revolved around the primary switch
 statements and that the existing loops were probably not an issue.

 I have now pushed up a working testcase branch to GH - This works to run
 the message thread loop left column while to the right I default to
 showing the compose screen (at this point with dummy text ) on initial top
 level messages. On selecting a thread from the messages-thread loop on the
 left we bring in that message and related ones to the right.

 Now I do **emphasize** that I may well have missed some salient points and
 in effect there are issues ( I note some in dummy text for compose
 screen)- but I needed to blitz through this somewhat and even to this
 stage took a few hours -  we needed to get a working model up and in place
 as this is a tricky little aspect of template pack to get right and this
 allows us to work with something, to modify and adjust. Too all intent and
 purpose the thread loop markup and single view markup is as we'll more or
 less proceed with albeit with tidy ups and minor adjustments and classes
 where required.

 I also admit I haven't time to fully digest Boone's  amendments and what
 Trish is trying to achieve and those may well be issues that indeed
 haven't really caught my attention yet as I'm not clear on what these
 address, but guessing as earlier that these do need addressing.

 If possible  think it might be better if this kind of discussion continue
 on the ticket on template pack GH so we can keep things in one place?.

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