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#921: bp_group_has_members() - "order" parameter request
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 I find the idea very interesting, it can be very convenient to sort group
 members, so i've explored it and i'm suggesting the attached patch :

 I'm sorry i had to create a new template file i've called groupmembers-
 loop.php in bp-template/bp-legacy/buddypress/groups/single/. I've also
 attached this template to this ticket if you want to test the patch.

 The patch creates a new select box in the group members area and in the
 group admin (front) area. The different options are :
 - Newest (same as current default way of sorting group members
 - Oldest (Newest with a ASC order instead of DESC one)
 - Alphabetical (using if xprofile enabled profile fields, else
 $wpdb->users display_name to sort by name ASC)
 - Active (to sort members by their latest update in the current group if
 activity component is active), this way it can also be a reply to #3430
 - Friends (to only show the friends of the loggedin user)

 About the last option, i think it can be interesting before joining a
 group for a regular user to easily see if some of his friends are already
 in the group to eventually join them. And in the admin front part of the
 group, a group admin might want to find his friends to eventually promote
 them as mods or admins.

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