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#5153: Add hooks to modify display of entire comment
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 > it'd be great to have a hook that could be used to modify the content of
 just one comment, ignoring its children.

 If you are manipulating this with hooks, then I believe you can just check
 the current activity comment ID before doing your manipulation.



 function my_add_div_to_specific_activity_comment() {

         // add a open <div> element if the activity comment ID equals 1
         if ( bp_get_activity_comment_id() == 1 ) {
                 echo '<div>';

 add_action( 'bp_before_activity_comment',
 'my_add_div_to_specific_activity_comment' );

 You'll have to use the same logic when closing the `<div>` as well.

 Let me know if this is enough to address your issue.


 Although, I do agree with this:
 > This would mean putting the first hook before .acomment-avatar, and the
 second hook after .accomment-options.

 These would have to be new hooks.  We can't move existing hooks due to
 backwards-compatibility reasons.

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