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#4796: Use taxonomies instead of/in addition to BP Xprofile tables
 Reporter:  boonebgorges  |       Owner:  boonebgorges
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 The ability to run complex queries cheaply and scalably will be invaluable
 for BuddyPress's future.

 For starters, it will enable proper member search #4541 which will be
 useful for many, many communities. In fact, it could enable BuddyPress to
 host some types of communities that have so far not been a core target.
 '''Meetup-type, user-group communities''' - if I can find everyone in the
 community between 18 and 34 who's interested in kite surfing, I could
 create a new group on kite surfing and invite them all
 '''Professional listings''' - if I can easily find an illustrator with 5*
 expertise in CorelDraw in Camden, why wouldn't I use BuddyPress?
 '''Churches, Volunteer organizations, Schools etc''' - Sure, many of them
 already use BuddyPress. But if I can easily find folks who are in town
 this weekend, then I wouldn't have to use other software/services to
 create and manage a list of who's going to the Habitat for Humanity work
 site this weekend.
 '''Directories/Catalogs''' - This will make JJJ cringe, but a parameter-
 based search could make BuddyPress a contender for catalog software, e.g.
 I can find all movies directed by Hitchcock between 1940 and 1946? Wow!
 Okay, maybe I went a little bit too far out with this one. But the first 3
 use-cases are legit.

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