[buddypress-trac] [BuddyPress] #5017: bp_core_time_since() returns "x minutes" when it means "x minutes, y seconds"

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Fri May 24 13:20:22 UTC 2013

#5017: bp_core_time_since() returns "x minutes" when it means "x minutes, y
 Reporter:  boonebgorges  |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  lowest        |  Milestone:  1.8
Component:  Core          |    Version:  1.0
 Severity:  trivial       |   Keywords:  2nd-opinion
 In writing unit tests for #5015, I found that `bp_core_time_since( $now,
 $three_minutes_thirty_seconds_ago )` returns "3 minutes ago" rather than
 "3 minutes, 30 seconds ago".

 This behavior is a result of line
 functions.php#L504, where the comparison check is `( $i + 2 < $j )`.
 'seconds' is the last item in the array (of which `$j` is a `count()`),
 and so when you get to this point in the iteration, the less-than test
 fails. Changing it to `<=` fixes the issue, without affecting any other
 time combinations.

 I took a spin through the changelog (it was a doozy) and found that the
 function has behaved this way since introduced in r204. I'm assuming it
 was copied over from somewhere else.

 I don't think that this behavior is *intended*. However, I do think that
 it's *better* than the intended behavior, because really, who cares about
 the difference between 3 minutes and 3 minutes, 30 seconds?

 If everyone is in agreement that the current behavior is better, I'll just
 write better inline docs and change my failing test. Otherwise, we can
 make the <= change suggested above and "fix" the underlying issue (though
 this may annoy users).

 In the long run (and this is a topic for another ticket) it might be nice
 to allow bp_core_time_since() to accept a param or a filter that lets you
 set which time intervals will be split into two sections, and which will
 be collapsed into a single section.

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