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#5009: Change "Favorite" to "Like"
 Reporter:  sooskriszta   |      Owner:
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 On activity posts we have a "Favorite" link/action. (see attachment)

 I would argue for a nomenclature change here. Instead of "favorite", it
 should be called "Like".

 I understand the reluctance to adopt Facebook terminology. So call it
 "upvote" if you want.

 But "Favorite" is just not appropriate and is not what the function is.

 Favorite implies that the post would be added to a pool of favorite items
 and can be recalled at will - much like Browser Favorites or Amazon

 Also, Favorite has connotations that make a user think twice before
 clicking on it. Consequently many fewer people will "favorite" than will
 "Like" or "Upvote"

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