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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by karmatosed):

 @ubernaut: Not sure ever mentioned to bring them in.. However, lets draw a
 line we need to get things focused and as all agree we can. The idea was
 always that the multi column would respond therefore this isn't an issue.
 It wouldn't be a multiple column on mobile and never was planned to be.
 You are bang on there with that being the intention @trishasalas :)

 I'm also looking forward to developing these as I think a lot of the
 things can and should be explored in revisions/templates.

 @trishasalas : Definitely agree on the standards. I'm going to work up
 some guidelines for templates and put them up for everyone to agree to who
 is writing them. We can then all be on the same page and refine these
 together. @hnla I hope you are also going to be a cornerstone for
 standards for this and help curate those guidelines?

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