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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by ubernaut):

 i would vote for the idea of adding the display name to the profiles. Also
 on that note i would agree that for groups the name, avatar and join
 button should all be front row and center. i would vote strongly against
 any fundamental hover effects as they have no utility in a touch
 environment. somewhat ambivalent in regards to the green light. i am sort
 of wondering how these layouts would look in a one column setting (mobile)
 or is the plan to squish all this down on small screens? i do sort of
 agree with the general notion @sooskriszta is relating about sparse
 information one thing that has always sorta bugged me about the existing
 buddypress screens is all the empty space, seems like it could be used
 more efficiently. uploading my one column thing even though it not likely
 too relevant but just incase we want to pull any of the ideas i'm also
 happy to expand on it if that interesting to anyone even if we aren't
 using it for anything other then comments or ideas.

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