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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by karmatosed):

 @sooskrista: happy to respond.

 Just a bit of a point though. Not every idea will get accepted and I hope
 this is understood. It's not a case of agreeing and punting into phases
 really. The idea is we're creating a template pack for this release. There
 has to be a cut off point. If other template packs happen then ideas will
 be opened up again.

 If an idea doesn't get in you are welcome to try out concepts in themes or
 plugins (depending on what). I'd highly recommend that as a way of showing
 / prooving concepts. We can even look at some point to merge things like
 that if enough people think it's a good idea. However, there is no

 You certainly don't need to code PHP to help with this, however for
 templates you would need to code html5 and CSS3. You would need to also be
 aware of responsive layouts. If this isn't your skillset though, eyes are
 welcome on work apart from that though.

 I look forward to seeing you at the next dev chat.

 As explained in the ticket description. This is a new template pack - this
 will be the content output in by BuddyPress. This is designed to go into
 any theme. It shouldn't cause scripting issues, restrictions or weight as
 a result. A few things you're suggesting go against this.

 I really do encourage you to download what has been done so far for
 Turtleshell and look as this puts a lot of what is being said in this
 ticket by people into context.


 I will respond to a few of your comments with my feelings though.

 - Member directory
 I'm not sure you quite understand the issue which is variable height - I
 never said it was impossible as there are selectors.

 When you say  'not seeing a ton' in reference to scripting, this means
 some. This is a point I made earlier. It would be a goal to not have any
 theme side javascript at least for the layout. If we add to it then we
 can, but the aim is a pure CSS layout first. You can't say 'what height'
 or set a height as this needs to be responsive and adapt if no information
 is given. That aside. I'm really not sold on this as said. Let me cover
 some points why and then lets get other's opinions. I would need a cut off
 to this though as it's quite a change. I'm keen to decide based on
 opinions on this ticket tomorrow evening.

 Photo wall I'm not sure I'd agree is the dominant strategy in game theory
 terms (game theory is one of my pet subjects as well :)). However, that's
 a matter of opinion and interpretation - we all have our research and
 thoughts :) That's probably another debate for another day. It does raise
 a good point though. We're not designing just for a social network.
 BuddyPress powers a range of communities, some may be predominantly social
 networks, others are not. That's a very important thing to remember when
 proposing a UI. You could be proposing something to be used by a cribbage
 club for retired people, a football club, a school and a support group for
 an illness. You never know.

 I can't agree that 'knowing to hover' works across user types or devices
 (without scripting). We have to appeal to anyone and any device. After all
 we're putting this into any theme.

 If you are saying the cards should have more information and we don't
 hover.. we can't really have this photo idea anyway. The card idea seems a
 good middle ground.

 I am more than happy to consider more information on the contact cards,
 but I really feel the photo wall with hovers isn't going to work for this
 template. I would be happy to bring that more information in though - this
 does make the cards more relevant and you don't need hovering.

 The way things are working though is we're getting people's opinions. So,
 if others agree to explore it we can. If they don't, we will probably not
 explore that for the templates. I'll wait a few days to gain opinions
 before a decision.

 Icons and buttons I am against until we at least review things. If we did
 include icons I'd be against them being images anyway and want an icon
 font. There is a valid argument that all default icons used on the front
 now could either go or be replaced by an icon font. That however, is
 probably another debate for another day.

 The green light I'm voting against (other voices may vote for) as again it
 makes no visual sense to all users. It also may work in IM but on a
 community some may even not want to be shown online like that. I can see a
 tentative reason for it on profiles or on friend lists. I'd much rather
 see it in action as a plugin though. It's not really something to consider
 for the templates now. If you want to explore as a plugin like the UI
 refresh has been done that would rock and be a great proof of concept.

 - Group directory
 I'm rather against this being 2 columns and real estate is something we
 can only guess at (remember we're going for this fititng into 'any'

 - Activity profile
 I think you'd get a few people arguing that h1 shouldn't be used like that
 for SEO but that's another debate and not one I'm joining in :) Not
 everyone also you should note, wants to be on Google like that.

 I'm happy to do one widget area for now, lets review once it's built.

 Actionables I'm happy about on top of ones outlined:
 - Extra information on the members 'card'.
 - Adding the user name but not as a h1 - will consider this in templates
 to be other headers and get more opinions than those expressed so far in
 this ticket.

 I think we've included a lot of new things, so lets see what people think
 and take from there. I do have to give a cut off though for any
 experiements, or discussion. The revised wireframes are due on Tuesday
 midnight and I am myself travelling on Monday through to Wednesday evening
 so may not get a chance to review any changes.

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