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#4889: Move unit test suite into BP core
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > Thanks for putting in the time and effort to make this happen.


 > my gut reaction is that bundling the test suite in BuddyPress core is an
 unnecessary burden to place on the casual users that won't benefit from
 the tests being packaged in the zip. Can we accomplish the same end result
 without it? If we need to make changes to core to help the tests boot
 properly, we should make those changes first.

 I have a couple thoughts about this. First, we don't have to include this
 in the distribution (wp.org) version of WordPress. We could just remove it
 before committing to wp.org svn (or use an svn ignore or something like
 that). That'd avoid 99% of the "casual user" issues.

 Second, I know that WP has a separate repo. But there are reasons to think
 that this is not the best way forward for a plugin. (a) Keeping the code
 in a separate repo makes it more complicated for devs to run the tests.
 (b) It makes it even *more* complicated for plugin authors to make their
 own tests dependent on BP tests, because they have to both make sure that
 the BP test suite is loaded, and they can't be certain that the paths will
 be the same across installations. Keeping things in buddypress/tests makes
 it totally predictable and reliable. (c) WordPress has many times more
 devs than BP. If we relegate our tests to a separate repo so that it has
 its own, smaller audience, that audience will be very small indeed :)

 To put this another way: It (arguably) makes sense for WP's test runner to
 exist as a separate application (from WordPress), because WP is the base
 platform. BP runs on top of WP. So, our test suite should run on top of
 the WP test runner application. This is easy to accomplish if we simply
 put the tests inside of BuddyPress. If we reimagine the BP test suite as a
 separate application, then it makes the process of running BP tests
 alongside of WP tests much more complicated than it needs to be.

 So, I think that there are very big advantages to putting the tests in the
 BP repo. And the biggest disadvantage - that it "clutters" the repo - can
 be mitigated by leaving the tests folder out of the wp.org release

 Whaddya think?

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