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#17: Find Friends basd on tags
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 The original ticket description asks for aggregating data via RSS and
 harvesting the content to find tags.

 This is out of scope with what the ticket title suggests.


 I'm going to address what the ticket title says - "Find friends based on

 This ticket is five years old; the XProfile component has improved since
 then and now makes some determinations to auto-link content.

 To test:
 * Login to the WP dashboard
 * Navigate to "Users > Profile Fields"
 * Create a new profile field and make it a "Multi-line Text Box".
 * Next, navigate to the frontend and go to "Profile > Edit".
 * Fill in your new profile field and type in some tags separated by a
 * Save and view your profile.
 * You should now be able to click on those tags to find people with the
 same tag.

 Yes, this could be improved in a plugin or as a patch to core.

 Closing for now based on other dev feedback.

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