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#4854: Old forums in 1.7 and Theme Compat
 Reporter:  imath        |      Owner:
     Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
  (bug)                  |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
 Priority:  normal       |    Version:  1.7
Component:  Forums       |   Keywords:  has-patch 2nd-opinion needs-testing
 Severity:  major        |

 I think the case of old forums (bbPress 1.0) needs to be discussed. I was
 writing a tutorial for 1.7 and simulated an upgrade from 1.6.4. Everything
 went great !!

 On my "old" 1.6.4 config, i had old forums activated ('''bbPress 2.3 is
 not installed on this testing config'''). I know it's "retired", but when
 users will upgrade, they may be surprised if they don't find their 'Forums
 Directory' !!
 That's what happened to me :)
 The directory page disappeared from the wp_nav_menu, but was still there
 using bp-default and clicking on the 'Forums directory' link in the
 group's subnav forums/single/topic template.

 Then i activated twentytwelve and noticed that the link in the group's
 subnav forums/single/topic template is still there, but when i clicked on
 it, i arrived on the empty WordPress page that is associated with the old
 forum component.

 Then i went in bp-forums-screens.php and saw that the
 BP_{component}_Theme_Compat class wasn't there.
 Then i went in bp-core-filters.php and understood why my 'Forums
 Directory' nav disappeared from my wp_nav_menu :)

 So i said to myself, old forums are not available in BP Theme Compat.. But
 i also thought, we should then avoid adding a link to the group's subnav
 forums/single/topic template as shown in the image i attached to this
 ticket. And i was a bit confused when i saw that BP Legacy was containing
 a buddypress/forums/index.php template.

 So, i made this test :
 - i've put back the forum condition of 1.6.4 in 1.7-beta1
 bp_core_exclude_pages function in bp-core-filters.php,
 - added a BP_{component}_Theme_Compat class,
 - modified the BP Legacy's buddypress/forums/index.php template to include
 a div with the id of buddy press.

 Then i've run it, and it worked.

 So i thought, the case of 'old forums in BP Theme Compat' should be
 discussed, as bbPress 2.3beta2 is doing a really nice job in BuddyPress
 Group forums (except for the sticky trouble, wrote a
 [http://bbpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2227 ticket on bbPress trac]
 about it..).

 If the option is to still take care of old forums in BP Theme Compat, then
 it'll need, as for admin global notices (see #4802), to think about the
 "tag widget" that is hardcoded in bp-default's sidebar.

 Finally, i haven't tested what's happening if bbPress 2.3 is activated..

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