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#5079: Modify hook for posting new activity comment
 Reporter:  digitalminion  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement    |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 Severity:  minor          |   Keywords:
 Just wanted to put out an idea for modifying the hook used when creating
 new content for activity comments.

 At the moment in the function ''bp_activity_new_comment'' found in bp-
 an apply_filter is called on the content of the comment using the hook

 This same hook is used to apply filters when retrieving the comment
 content in ''bp_get_activity_comment_content'' in bp-activity-template.php

 I ran into trouble with this, as I wanted to modify the contents of the
 comment on creation, but didn’t want to run the same function against the
 comments when they are loaded to be displayed. In particular I wanted to
 apply wp_kses to the content to strip anchor tags supplied by the user,
 but as it stands since the same hook is used when loading the content
 (after '''bp_get_activity_content''' hook filters are applied which
 includes the ''bp_activity_truncate_entry'' function), the system added
 [Read More] link is rendered as plain text.

 I’m sure there are several ways around this involving removing filters
 etc, but it strikes me as odd that that for example activity and group
 updates have the hooks '''bp_activity_new_update_content''' and
 '''groups_activity_new_update_content''' respectively for modifying user
 input content but it isn’t the same for comments.

 My proposal would be to modify the function ''bp_activity_new_comment''
 found in bp-activity-functions.php to call a hook
 '''bp_activity_new_comment_content''' on the content instead of
 '''bp_activity_comment_content'''. That way there is a unique hook for
 comment content creation.

 Just wanted to put it out there to the community to see if someone more
 familiar with the code base sees this as an inconsistency or if there is a
 reason for doing it this way.

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