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#5020: BP_Feed class
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 `02.patch` addresses some of JJJ's notes and:

 * Fixes the `bp_activity_enable_feeds` filter.  It wasn't working properly
 when returning false for the filter.
 * The item guid was not generating a unique value (an old BP RSS bug)
 * Add a new hook - `bp_activity_feed_postfetch`
 * Changed the logic in `groups_action_group_feed()` to use


 Regarding Boone's notes:

 > It looks like some of your changes may alter feed output somewhat (like
 the CDATA stuff), but my impression is that this will increase compliance
 with the spec, correct?

 I followed Mozilla's recommendation about using only `<content:encoded>`
 instead of abusing the `<description>` element with CDATA:

 However, the RSS spec is kind of lenient about this:

 > Have you tested that the feeds validate, etc?

 Just tested.  Fixed an old BP RSS bug where the item guid wasn't unique.
 Now it validates against W3C's feed validator.


 Regarding JJJ's notes:

 > Rename BP_Feed to BP_Activity_Feed (other components might have other
 kinds of feeds)

 > Change namespace from 'bp_feed' to 'bp_activity_feed' per above, in


 > Rather than hook to 'bp_actions' does it make sense to have a new hook
 for 'bp_feeds' -- Haven't thought this through, but wondering if all feeds
 should be hooked to the same action, to make them easy to unhook later?

 I've already added a filter called `'bp_activity_enable_feeds'`, which
 allows plugin devs to disable all feeds at once.  I'm kind of agnostic
 about the 'bp_feeds' hook.

 > Do members have activity feeds that need doing?
 I think we've covered all instances.

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