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#5038: Unit tests do not clear DB entries when finished
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Hm, interesting. I can run `phpunit --group-groups` over and over (and
 over!) with no problem. When the tests are finished, all the BP tables are

 From my (albeit incomplete) understanding, the reason why
 `_delete_all_posts()` is necessary is because of the WP installation
 process. It creates a Sample Page and a Hello World post. But since this
 takes place during the WP install, and not during a test, transactions
 don't help with the rollback. So it's sort of a special case that doesn't
 extend to BP data.

 So, the mystery remains. What's your rig like? Mine:
 - PHPUnit 3.7.13
 - mysql - ver 15.1 distrib 5.5.31-MariaDB
 - wp-unit-tests rev 1249

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