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#4717: Member list "views" or modes
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 > different "views" does seem to have a fair bit of core appeal.

 I'm going to respectfully disagree. I'm having a hard time imagining how
 this would be implemented in core in a sensible way.

 If, on the one hand, the goal is simply to replace the proper
 filters/constants into BuddyPress to allow plugins to set their own
 "views", then, as r-a-y says above, it's already done: just filter
 `'bp_get_member_permalink'` and change its value based on the current
 location. (And really, why not do this in a theme template file? This kind
 of customization - where markup needs to be changed in a very specific
 place in the theme - is exactly why WordPress and BuddyPress's theme
 system exists.)

 If, on the other hand, the goal is to create a core UI for selecting these
 views, then it's not at all clear to me how it would work. What would the
 UI look like? Would you see a list of all possible places where member
 links appear, and then have dropdowns where you can select which profile
 component the specific links go to? This seems like an overwhelming number
 of choices. Moreover, it seems like something that would only be used by a
 small fraction of installations: I'd imagine that there are relatively few
 people who would prefer that (to use your example) a username in a
 directory goes to the Media tab, while other user links go to the Profile.

 It's quite possible that I'm suffering a failure of imagination here. If
 someone thinks that this is really a viable idea for core, let them build
 or mock up a plugin first.

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