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#4727: welcome screens need real copy
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 A few thoughts on the mock up attachment:

 The reference to the Help Tabs: does this content exist? On a multisite
 install when you are looking at the Buddypress Settings in the Network
 Admin, there isn't a help tab, which may confuse people.

 I understand the logic of recommending that users start with just the
 three "core components" but I think that assumes one particular use case,
 when BuddyPress can be utilized in a number of different ways (I've
 developed a site using just the groups component, with no activity stream
 for example). I've tried to re-write this to ensure we aren't suggesting
 you have to start with these, or that the additional components add
 additional complications (I think the "if you know what you are doing"
 line suggests that the additional components are not for beginners), while
 still trying to adhere to the spirit of the suggestion, which I think is
 sound for beginners.

 Here's my re-write. Hack it apart as necessary.

 Welcome to Buddypress

 You've just added a host of features that are sure to make your WordPress
 site an amazing social experience.

 New to BuddyPress? Check out the support documentation in the BuddyPress
 Codex. First Steps with BuddyPress (does this exist, or does it need to be
 written: I couldn't find it) is a great place to get started.
 BuddyPress is built to bring people together, with a host of different
 components that will help your users connect, network, and make your
 WordPress site more social.

 As you begin building your community, we've activated the following
 default components to help get you started:

 Extended Profiles / Activity Streams / Site Tracking (from ubernaut
 attachment with explanations)

 These components are the heart of BuddyPress, and represent a great
 starting point as you build your community; but they really just scratch
 the surface. You can also make Friend Connections, send Private Messages,
 Create separate Public or Private Groups to organize collaboration, and
 discuss content in bbPress powered Discussion Forums.

 BuddyPress can be fully customized to meet your needs. Check out this page
 (link to admin) to view and manage all of the components. Start small,
 then add additional functionality as your community grows, and its needs

 Join the BuddyPress.org community to contribute, find support, and explore
 plugins and themes that further extend BuddyPress.

 Let's get started!

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