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#2673: Plugins Management for Groups
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 I think, now that the Group Admin UI is available, this is something that
 can be consider. I remember the time when i was playing with css from the
 functions.php of my theme to eventually hide the group extensions nav i
 didn't want to show in some groups.
 I think it can be very handy for Super Admin to have such a feature as
 they will be able to have more control on the groups and their
 capabilities to use the group extensions.

 So, i thought about it and i think we need to :
 1/ allow Super admin to set group extensions that are available by default
 ( see http://flic.kr/p/fBwybF for an illustration)
 This page is a submenu of the group admin UI called "Extensions"
 2/ allow Super Admin from the group Admin UI to override the default
 setting if he wants to activate / deactivate the extension for the current
 group ( see http://flic.kr/p/fBwyaP for an illustration )
 In group admin UI i've added a metabox that list the group extensions with
 their statuses

 This is how i built this patch :
 1/ I needed to know what group extensions class was registered so i used
 the global $wp_filter to list the add_action() on the hook bp_actions with
 a priority of 8
 2/ then i loop the array i get and build a list of available extensions
 and i get the parent plugins infos.
 3/ I've added two filters : one in the bp_register_group_extension()
 function to eventually disallow the group extension on front, and on in
 BP_Group_Extension::is_screen_enabled() to eventually deactivate the admin
 4/ The Extensions Group Admin UI submenu is there to allow Super Admin to
 set the available group extensions by default - if inactive, it helps to
 avoid the group extension to not show its create step while creating a new
 5/ A new metabox in group admin UI allows the super admin to override the
 default settings.

 NB : for it to work at 100%, plugin authors (including me!!) needs to call
 bp_register_group_extension() after bp_init otherwise the group id is not
 set, so it breaks the overriden group settings.

 i've added the 2673.diff to attach the patch.

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