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#5144: Don't set 'Create a Group' button as part of the title
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 * cc: karmatosed (added)


 I agree that this is bad on a number of levels.

 The reason it was originally built this way is this. When we moved to
 theme compatibility in 1.7, we were limited in the areas of the page that
 BuddyPress could modify. Content itself had to appear in the area
 controlled by `the_content()`. And we were able to modify page titles via
 filter. Because we were bringing over the templates from bp-default, which
 had the "Create a Group" button right next to the page title, and because
 we didn't want to make drastic visual changes for 1.7, we did the only
 thing we could do to put a button in that location - add it to the page

 I think we should *not* do this in a new set of templates. I'm adding
 karmatosed as a watcher, so she'll be aware of this issue. However, we
 can't well remove it from bp-legacy, because many people will already have
 adjusted for the fact that the button appears there.

 I'm leaving this ticket in Awaiting Review for the moment, so that others
 have a chance to chime in. But I think that in the end it can probably be
 marked wontfix (for bp-legacy), with the understanding that the new
 template pack will not have this bug.

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