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#5141: "settings" should be default component rather then "activity"
 Reporter:  unsalkorkmaz  |       Owner:
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 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  1.9
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Comment (by dimensionmedia):

 In building a number of custom BuddyPress sites, i know clients have
 wondering why settings module exists as a module or why it's no enabled by
 default. So I would be open like you guys to default enabled.

 As for Activity, if i don't need it I simply deactivate it. I think half
 of my BP sites use it. It's an interesting module in that it's the hardest
 (in my opinion) to make unique from the default BuddyPress "look". In
 other words, I can really customize a site to look like it doesn't use
 BuddyPress at all - until i get to the activity component. Usually ends up
 looking not that much different. Anyways, my $0.02.

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