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#5131: id or class for item-body - what should be used?
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Component:  Template Pack  |     Version:  1.8.1
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 * resolution:   => wontfix
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 It looks like it's been this way since at least 1.2.

 It would be nice to change it to be consistent. However, there are
 backward compatibility concerns - anyone who has intentionally styled
 `.item-body` and `#item-body` to be different will be frustrated to find
 that they have been changed. If we were going to change one of them, it'd
 have to be `.item-body`, which is only used in the context of group
 creation, and is thus less likely to have specific styles attached to it.

 Because a new template pack is in the works, at which point bp-legacy
 templates will be legacy, I'm going to mark this ticket as wontfix. While
 the current setup is not ideal, it's pretty minor to work around it, and
 it'd be problematic to change it.

 Thanks for the report!

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