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#5130: Synchronizing activity comments to main component
 Reporter:  r-a-y        |       Owner:  r-a-y
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  1.9
Component:  Core         |     Version:  1.2
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Looks like an excellent start, r-a-y! Thanks for the detailed description
 of the issues, and for the initial patch. Initial thoughts:

 > should this use display name?

 Yeah, I think that's better than the username.

 > 'comment_type'         => '', // could be interesting to add
 'buddypress' here...

 Needs a bit of research. I think WP uses this to distinguish between
 trackbacks and regular comments. Could be that other plugins use this
 field for other things. I don't want to mess with any established
 conventions. But yeah, it would be neat to track which blog comments come
 from the activity stream!

 >  // if cannot comment, stop now!  [ in

 It's possible that this setting would have been toggled in the interim.
 I'd suggest removing the check - it adds minimal overhead (comments are
 deleted very rarely), and could catch legit activity deletion in some
 cases where disable_blogforum_comments has been toggled.

 >  In the patch, you'll also notice that I'm using a lot of this:
 > $cannot_comment = isset( buddypress()->site_options['bp-disable-
 blogforum-comments'] ) ? buddypress()->site_options['bp-disable-blogforum-
 comments'] : false;

 Maybe that's what we should be doing in `bp_disable_blogforum_comments()`
 instead of the `bp_get_option()` call. (Same goes for other similar
 settings functions.)

 > Main component callback registration

 I really like this technique, where plugin authors register their
 callbacks. It mirrors the WP action/filter model in a nice way.

 >  if a blog comment is made, a corresponding item should be made as an
 activity comment under the parent 'new_blog_post' activity item.
 Currently, when a blog comment is made, it is made as a separate activity

 I know this isn't implemented yet, but just a thought: if we do it this
 way, will the parent items get bumped to the top of the activity stream?
 Should they?

 I'll try to get a chance to do more thorough testing in the next week or

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