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#3961: Need hierarchical groups
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 I don’t suppose a ton of people currently use hierarchical groups in
 BuddyPress. But I am certain that features like this will go a long way in
 opening up new markets for the script, way beyond just small techie

 It’s a usability thing. Let me take an example:

 Site for networking of dentists in the UK.
 What I have in mind is at top level 4 groups:
 - England
 - Wales
 - Scotland
 - Ireland

 Then within each group, there are subgroups for counties.

 Within each county subgroup, there are sub-subgroups for town/city etc.

 Within the county sub-subgroup for town/city for particularly large
 cities, there could be sub-sub-subgroups for boroughs.

 If Paul joins the group for Exeter, he should automatically become a
 member of Devon and England respectively.

 I’m sure there might possibly be other ways of doing this (e.g. adding
 categories or tags); I just don’t see anything so instinctive or natural.

 There can be multiple other examples.
 For a medical professionals organization:
 Doctor > Neurology > Clinical neurophysiology
 For a university:
 Business School > MBA > Managerial Accounting

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