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#4639: Add template hierarchy support
 Reporter:  DJPaul       |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
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 Patch introduces a basic template hierarchy. Written based on feedback
 from theme developers around 1.7's theme compatibility, and how they want
 to use it.

 WordPress' template hierarchy allows a default template to be overridden
 based on the name of a page template, or category ID, or taxonomy slug,
 and so on. BuddyPress doesn't let us do this. For example, if you wanted
 to change the group-header.php template for a specific group, you need to
 put a large conditional in the template. This is not ideal because the
 template files become bigger, more complicated for designers to modify,
 and because it doesn't match the WordPress way.

 Some technical notes:
 * I've commented out the bp_add_template_locations filter, because it was
 * I've changed the order of items in bp_get_template_locations, because we
 are matching files in the `BuddyPress` directory inside bp-legacy before
 overrides in the child/parent themes. This probably merits being patched

 What does this patch let you do?
 * User IDs can be suffixed to member templates.
 * Group IDs can be suffixed to group templates.
 * Group status types (private, public, protected, …) can be suffixed to
 group templates.
 * Activity types (new_blog, new_blog_comment) can be suffixed to activity
 templates that are used INSIDE the activity loop.

 Some examples:
 * members/single/home-1.php has a higher priority (essentially) than
 members/single/home.php for User ID = 1.
 * groups/single/members-private.php has a higher priority than
 groups/single/members.php for Private groups.
 * activity/entry-new-blog-comment.php has a higher priority than
 activity/entry.php for activity entries that are of the "new_blog_comment"

 About the activity hierarchy: we're overriding templates used inside the
 activity loop because I see the situation as vaguely analogous to post
 format templates in WordPress. We're not overriding templates used in the
 groups loop (for example) because 1) there are many types of activity, 2)
 only 3 types of groups, and 3) groups has many more templates which are
 presented very differently from activity.

 Feedback welcome.

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