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#4618: Activity stream comments don't add to comment stream
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 Directly related to this post:

 but as it was closed due to buddypress.org not using the system, I am
 opening it here as I have the exact same problem on my own local install.

 Basically I have already had people using the activity stream to make
 comments to the stream items. Those comments have 2 problems.

 1. when you first make a comment on an activity stream item, and click
 save, you will see 2 copies of the comment itself


 2. After you refresh the activity stream page, the problem above goes away
 and you can see your comment. HOWEVER the comment on the activity stream
 is NOT copied over to the actual item itself.

 If a user comments on a post, that comment is not shown as a comment.
 If a user comments on a comment of a post, (a reply to a comment) that
 reply is not shown on the post page.
 This same problem goes on for all activity stream items.

 So far, I do not have a single activity stream item that does not have
 comments, so the comments made in the activity stream should theoretically
 be able to transfer over without problems.

 And should I ever have an item in the activity stream, that doesn't
 natively allow comments, then the comment box in the activity stream
 should not show up, thus the potential problem would be alleviated anyhow.

 Bottom line:
 People are commenting on the activity stream, and because it is not
 copying over, it is fragmenting the conversations.

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