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#4605: Edit Profile Page
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 I don't know if we want to change BP-Legacy, or to what extent. It needs
 touching up in places, but I don't think anyone's discussed whether that
 extends to changing a menu like that. I've never liked what we have for
 this particular screen in BP-Default, so I'm also fairly happy about this

 Navigation menus are proving very challenging to build (well) into a new
 template pack (Turtleshell); the current menus are pretty efficient with
 the amount of content they have, and space. That's one of the things we're
 working on right now.

 I'll put together some samples of the types of menu and placement that
 turtleshell has tried/considered for feedback on bpdevel later. Help would
 be much appreciated.

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