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#4564: Add syndication elements to RSS feeds
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Changes (by r-a-y):

 * type:  defect (bug) => enhancement


 ubernaut: If you're reading, I've found that this is more of a browser /
 RSS client issue.

 Firefox [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Reloading%20Live%20Bookmarks
 caches feeds for 60 minutes by default].  If you do a hard refresh, the
 feed will refresh with the latest content.

 I tested on Safari 5.1 and it works as expected; Safari 6, as you know,
 has removed RSS feeds entirely.


 I'm changing this to an enhancement as using `<ttl>` is still valid as
 some clients use it:

 However a lot of clients ignore it altogether.

 I'm not sure which clients support the Syndication module; I did find an
 older ticket on WP - [WP3513] - saying that Outlook and IE7 respect this.


 According to [http://www.therssweblog.com/?guid=20070113172842 this
 article], `<ttl>` is used in RSS 2.0, while the Syndication module is used
 in RSS 1.0.

 Therefore, I'm recommending that we implement `<ttl>`. Basically, copy
 Twitter! :)

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