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#4639: Add template hierarchy support
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Comment (by hnla):

 This is confusing, but partly as clarity is perhaps not forthcomming on
 the way devs are meant to approach templating moving forward.

 I'm confused by the fact that we backtracked on the notion of
 'members/single/index.php' or 'members/single/home.php' as it was
 initially proposed and that I tried with success.

 The suggestion that it wasn't necessary due to being able to do my-
 theme/members/single/home.php was - fundamentally - true; however ray you
 suggest that that would load without get_header()/footer/sidebar is
 because you copied home.php from 'legacy' so why didn't you simply add
 those get_template parts - my test was with home.php under my-
 theme/members/single as already existed i.e with all those parts and
 things seemed fine, unless I overlooked something - more than possible.

 So Paul  & ray it's unclear what is the proposed approach to templating on
 the one hand we start out in my-theme/buddypress/members/single/custom-
 files.php then suggest that we would also be running /my-
 theme/members/single/home.php to override home.php thus a confusion of BP
 files in various places.

 Given the choice I would be wanting/expecting to simply have all BP
 templates in the theme under /buddypress/ and definitely would not want a

 So the above proposed solution from ray, makes sense to me although
 'index' sounds plausible, but then I'm not really sure why we consider
 home.php to be in a state of disambiguation, as does not the original
 proposal of a /custom/ dir solve that? why is that such a bad approach?

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