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#4638: Change title in directory_dummy_post() and create_dummy_post()
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 A) Agreed.

 For bp-legacy, I'd like to get rid of using absolute positioning for the
 search bar and make it more like Turtleshell's.

 Perhaps right after the page title, we can do something like this:

 Find groups and interact with like-minded people over a common topic.  Or
 create a new group.
 [    LONGER SEARCH BAR    ](search)
 [Create a group]

 B) For non-dynamic page titles, I think we can use the WP page title as
 set in the WP pages menu.  Dynamic page titles like the registration and
 activation pages should continue to use language files.

 Roger, a WordPress filter is available to override any localization text -
 'gettext' - if you need to use it.  If you decide to go this route, use
 the filter only on the page you're going to be using it on.

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