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#4203: Users and groups problems, solution not found @support forums.
 Reporter:  chichii  |      Owner:
     Type:  task     |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal   |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Groups   |    Version:  1.5.5
 Severity:  normal   |   Keywords:

 I'm having problems with register new users and groups with the BP theme.
 This is the support thread regarding my issue.

 I have also tried EN-US version as you can read in the support thread
 posted above.

 Here is an scenario of what problem i'm facing:
 I'm a new user visiting demo.raketfart.se
 1. I press “Skapa ett konto” (=register a user)
 2. Im sent to the register page, demo.raketfart.se/register, where im
 asked to type in Username, email etc
 3. when i have typed all the info required, i press “Slutför Registrering”
 (=complete registration)
 4. the page reloads and i end up at demo.raketfart.se/register, with all
 the info i just typed in all cleared out.

 Hopefully this explained the issue im facing.

 Do you need any files from me?

 Hope i/we can solve this problem, it's getting annoying :(

 Best Regards

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