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#4200: Better spam-prevention admin settings (password strength, username
blacklists, content filters)
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 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Comment (by dbasolo):

 Well I have read all your links for assistance. Unfortunately this doesn’t
 cover the issue at hand. All these links are great and very helpful but
 they all are rather common and don’t help a whole lot. I have some of
 these plugins but my 15+ spam accounts a day are due to real people from
 marketing agencies paid to bypass these protective measures.

 This is why my suggestions is crucial to the development of a future
 release through buddy press. PHP is great and allows you to create certain
 variables in the fields that a user is supposed to add content to. As my
 example’s before you can deny phony identities by simply saying in the
 name field that numbers aren’t allows or aaa, bbb, ccc, etc.. And having
 an area in buddy press settings giving you the ability to always add new
 ones as they come up will give your users the ability to continue creating
 a more and more secure site. A step further would be to have a database
 here that people can vote on these words and strings of characters and
 have them added to each release of buddy press as well! can you imagine
 all your users feeding a database that they could vote on, making a
 securer release for buddy press for all your new users and at the same
 time fully customizable by the individual user to add what he or she
 wants. Thus everyone benefits from every user as they uncover spam. Such
 is the same for emails, passwords ect... Sure it may be a gruesome to
 accomplish for buddy press but you would also be the only social network
 plugin with these features. (-:

 Even Facebook must rely mostly on them self’s to accomplish as much but
 you don’t have to! And the majority of it could be automated through a
 voting process only allowing each user to vote once on any particular
 string. At 5 stars or 100 votes that word or string for that field could
 be added to buddy press master list! But at minimum it should be at least
 offered to your users.

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