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#4200: No Spam Features or User security
 Reporter:  dbasolo      |      Owner:
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 For buddy press

 I have for the past several months been receiving several spam / fraud
 accounts through buddy press via my website Goodforsociety.com Is there or
 shouldn’t there be an area to set the security up for usernames,
 passwords, and first and last name fields? Example I should have a place
 to add and edit items I believe should not be allowed such as in the name
 field first name and last name I should be able to say in this field that
 numerical characters such as 1,2,3,4 etc cannot be used and or
 alphabetical characters in sequence like abcd of aaa, zzz, ddd making the
 user use their actual name. In the password field I should be able to say
 must contain one numerical and capital letter and password must be a
 minimum of 8 characters etc.. Also there should be a setting for email
 criteria so you can ad and edit a list you create that you consider to be
 invalid or false and or fraudulent accounts. For example I might would say
 any email that is aajjaajjaajj at 123.com is not a valid email account.

 Spam today is horrible and there isn’t much you can do about it if you
 don’t have these features available so we buddy press users can add to a
 growing list we create thus making our sites more and more and more

 Also there isn’t a feature I can see that allows me to say I don’t want
 users to use html in there post and or activity streams. there should also
 be a list you can add words to that you don’t want to have on your site
 say if your site is pg13 then I should be able to exclude words like ass,
 and f@#@ck from being used via there profiles. Wordpress has this feature
 for comments!

 Can you assist me in trying to fix these issues? I receive 15+ fake spam
 accounts a day.

 Please respond to itbasolo at gmail.com you can also call if you have
 questions 925-522-9679

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