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#3662: New child theme
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Comment (by hnla):

 @Chris It has to be a child theme Chris as there isn't really such as
 thing as a full theme if working with BP; it doesn't work in the same
 fashion as WP.

 We have to inherit certain aspects such as functions.php, we do inherit
 aspects such as global.js / ajax as it's pointless re-writing these
 aspects as they are complex and perform their duties well enough.

 There aren't too many files in the child theme, although it does tend to
 look that way partly due to the WP post templates being introduced, it's
 not a case of inflexibility though in replicating those files rather than
 leaving them in BP-default as there were two main points to this theme.

 1/ The primary purpose was to demonstrate the use of BP to produce a theme
 that was more specific in functionality (one of the issues with 'out of
 the box' BP is it's somewhat unfocussed and only really feels as though it
 comes into it's own when it is integrated into a larger WP site and
 customised accordingly) Thus the theme was designed to showcase BP used in
 a more deliberate manner, in this case replicating something along the
 lines of Twitter with the theme focussing on 'Activity' and user account
 rather than 'Groups' or ' forums' or even blogging

 2/ The second purpose of the theme was to re-factor the markup as much as
 possible from head to toe, and in that respect it was necessary and
 desired to overload all the main template files and re-write the CSS from

 I think we achieved these two aims pretty well and the theme is pretty
 well re-factored to HTML5 and with a responsive design element.

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