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#4292: 1.6-beta1 - page=bb-forums-setup
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * keywords:   => dev-feedback


 I agree that bb-forums-setup is kinda crummy. But it's the same as it has
 been for the entire BP 1.5 series, and I'm wary of making functional
 changes when we are within days of a major feature release. I wish we'd
 had this discussion a month (or two or six) ago.

 Let me try to break down your (mostly good) suggestions into a list, with
 some comments:

 1) __Don't show "Install sitewide forums" if bbPress is already running__
    All this button does is install/activate bbPress 2.x, right? If so, I
 suppose it makes sense to (if nothing else) grey it out when bbPress is
 activated. If there's something more to 'sitewide forums' than having
 bbPress active, then it's probably too much to do right now to implement.

 2) __Tell people who are not going to use the group forums to disable the
 Forums component/disassociate the Forums WP page__
    This is a reasonable idea, though it'll be hard to come up with the
 right wording. Do you have any suggestions for what this exact wording
 would be, so as not to completely bewilder? Alternatively, what if we
 helped with some automagic disabling? If group forums have not been
 enabled correctly, don't even attempt to load the 'forums' WP page into
 bp-pages? (It's probably too late to do this for 1.6, but I thought I'd
 throw it out there.)

 3) __Provide a link to external documentation__
    Does this documentation already exist?

 4) __Don't show "Components do not have associated WP pages..." message
 for forum component if not using Group Forums__
    Can we exclude by checking `bp_forums_is_installed_correctly()`? Is
 that enough?

 5) __Allow access to the Forum Setup page even when the Forums component
 is disabled__
    This is a chicken-and-egg problem. If we do this, and someone navigates
 to Forum Setup and enables Group Forums, they won't work until the Forums
 component is turned on - so we'd need either another notification ("Hey!
 Enable 'Forums'!") or to just do it automatically. Automatic is better,
 but then we have to think about things like automatic *de*activation, etc,
 which gets pretty hefty at this point in the dev cycle.

 Can I get feedback from another dev on these suggestions? The clock is
 a-tickin' :)

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