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#4250: Profile - Public / Private Message
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > Is there any reason not to use an overlay or hid-able div to show those
 forms ?

 No technical reason. In the default theme, I think the goal is to be non-
 redundant. Having more than one place where you can update your activity
 stream, for instance, would be a piece of UI redundancy which would mean
 2x the work for themers and (potentially) 2x the confusion for users. Same
 thing with private messaging: the logic is that Messages belong to an
 individual, and so should be shown under the individual's profile, and
 nowhere else in the UI.

 I don't necessarily think that this is the most wonderful workflow in the
 world, but I think that this kind of non-redundancy and extensibility is a
 good reason for why it works the way it does in bp-default.

 My sense is that bp-default is nearing its end of life, and we probably
 won't be doing massive overhauls to its current features. However, when we
 start doing UI work in the next dev cycle toward bp-default's replacement,
 I'd love to have your input (as someone running a site with lots of
 activity) on how a rethought UI should work. I'm not a huge fan of most
 lightbox UX for input (it's annoying on twitter.com, for instance), but if
 it were done consistently throughout the theme, I can see how it might be
 nice. So be sure to stick around and get involved when we start developing
 for BP 1.7 in the upcoming month or two :)

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