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#4246: Delete a user's data
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Comment (by shanebp):

 >What's the value of removing the spammmed users from wp_users? ...  I'm
 not convinced of the value of a completely separate table for the purpose
 of recording deleted email addresses.

 I agree that a separate table is overkill for the majority of BP installs.
 We wanted spammers out of wp_users so they wouldn't show up in any search
 And we wanted to retain their email to prevent new sign-ups from that
 Leaving them in wp_users would seem to be the best default approach.

 >Deleting shared data is problematic.
 True, if there are multiple recipients for a message. But, in our
 experience, we haven't seen any 'real' threads that include spammers that
 members want to retain. So it was safe to nuke 'that' thread and all
 recipients. But it would be a problem for sites that tend to send 'All
 Members' messages.
 I suppose some elaborate 'Delete User Data' screen could show all the
 relevant threads and let the admin decide which to delete.

 >I'm thinking that the Delete User Data button should only appear in the
 UI when the user has already been "deleted" in the lightweight way.

 Good idea. And then that button could send them to a confirmation screen
 that could include checkbox options re which data to be deleted. That
 would make it possible for plugins that create new 'connections' between
 members ( like recent_visitors) to included in spammer data purging.

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