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#4246: Delete a user's data
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 * milestone:  Awaiting Review => Future Release


 Thanks for the provocation, shanebp.

 I agree that there should be a better method for taking care of this kind
 of cleanup. A few thoughts:

 - What's the value of removing the spammmed users from wp_users? Just to
 make the table smaller? If so, and if you've already deleted all of their
 data, why not just delete all record of their existence? I'm not convinced
 of the value of a completely separate table for the purpose of recording
 deleted email addresses. (And in any case, it seems like something that
 should exist in WP, or maybe in a standalone plugin. I have a feeling that
 it'd be overkill for the majority of BP installs.)

 - Our cleanup routine should be hook based:
     - At the end of the core user data deletion process, fire a hook (say,
     - In each component, hook a function (eg
 bp_messages_delete_user_data()) that, in turn, calls some sort of cleanup
 method in the database class.
   This way we don't have to worry about bp_is_active() calls for each

 - Deleting shared data is problematic. You don't necessarily want to
 delete every message involving a user - many of those threads may have
 legitimate messages from real users.

 - You've got a buddybar implementation of the UI, but we'd need a WP
 Toolbar button instead.

 - I'm thinking that the Delete User Data button should only appear in the
 UI when the user has already been "deleted" in the lightweight way.
 Alternatively, when the admin clicks Delete User, we could send him to a
 confirmation screen that asks whether to delete just the user, or all data
 associated with the user (along with some huge warnings). I'd be glad to
 hear ideas about this UX.

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