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#4717: Member list "views" or modes
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 Thanks, @r-a-y but that's not what the ticket is about. I should have done
 a better job of explaining in the OP.

 In the current codebase ('BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT', 'profile') snippet
 changes which tab is default when you go to profile.

 Yet, at the moment, there can only be ONE default while navigating through
 the community.

 Here's what will happen with this ticket:

 Suppose site admin says BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT = media meaning
 www.domain.com/christina/ shows www.domain.com/christina/media/

 Even then, if a user clicks on "Profile" view in member directory, then
 clicking on username or photo goes to www.domain.com/christina/profile/

 In essence, there are MULTIPLE views available to USERS/MEMBERS as opposed
 to currently available SINGLE view (at the moment, multiple options are
 available to SITE ADMIN to define the default view). I hope this is a bit

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