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#4728: Visibility API refactoring/restructuring
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Comment (by chrisclayton):

 Replying to [comment:1 DJPaul]:
 > Where else would the existing activity visibility code be used?

 I'm currently working on a plugin (which I'm hoping to make good enough
 for a core patch) that mimic (kinda) the functionality of facebooks
 activity privacy while still having the same feel as the implementation
 used in xprofile. Eg. You'd have a drop down on the post form with
 Visibility levels, user attaches a level to the activity, the activity
 only shows to those users (this part looks like it would be dependent on
 some of Boones hide_sitewide tickets).

 I know there are a lot of people who want privacy extended to other
 components and i think its smarter if we use a generalised API, rather
 than building from scratch for individual components as many functions can
 be reused and filtered by the individual component when appropriate.

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